Milton Bradley, 1989

You are probably familiar with the video game Tetris. Blocks of various shapes fall to the bottom of a column, where you must place them in order to fill rows to make them disappear while Russian style music and artwork appear in the background. In 1989, Milton Bradley decided to capitalize on the popularity of this video game with a board game version.

In the board game, a bag or box of familiar Tetris pieces is set in the middle of the table. Players draw pieces and place them on their game board as quickly as possible, handing off to opponents ones they are unable to satisfactorily place. After all pieces have been placed, or when one player has filled their board to the top row, players count the spaces they have covered. The player who has covered the most spaces wins.

This is a simple, fast playing game. It nicely captures the feel of the video game. It is a nice addition to any game collection for the novelty. If you are looking for a good game however, I’d stick with the video game version.