Mindbridge Point Forms

Mindbridge Foundation Volunteer Points Overview

As a benefit of being a member of the Mindbridge Foundation, and contributing to Mindbridge events, Mindbridge members have the opportunity to earn Mindbridge Points, hereby called MP, which can be redeemed for convention memberships, convention apparel, or other perks. To detail the benefits of volunteering for the Mindbridge Foundation, Mindbridge has established this official volunteer point policy. This policy shall be effective immediately, and shall replace any previous or existing policies. Redemption requests already placed will be honored as though the policy had not changed.


How To Earn Points


Earning MP is as simple as volunteering time for Mindbridge Events. Strenuous, time-consuming, or physically challenging activity shall be awarded with additional MP. Points will be earned in the specified amount for the specified activity:


MP Volunteer Activity (potential examples, see the form for current values)


 10 Attending a Mindbridge Membership meeting

 15 1 hour of non-physical labor (badge-checking, running a Mindbridge table)

 25 Running a second/third game, lecture, panel, or demonstration at a Mindbridge event

 30 1 hour of physical labor (locker clean out, bag checking in/out)

 50 Running a first game, lecture, panel, or demonstration at a Mindbridge event

100 Overseeing a special Mindbridge project as approved by the Mindbridge Board of Directors

200 Being a Mindbridge Board of Director

200 Being an officer of the Mindbridge Foundation

400 Being a staff member in any individual Mindbridge event

400 Being on ConCom for any individual Mindbridge event

400 Being a Department Head for any individual Mindbridge event

500 Being treasurer for any individual Mindbridge event


Point Redemption


The purpose of MP is to be able to redeem them for valuable benefits. Addition to the potential benefits may be made at any time by vote of the Mindbridge membership at a Mindbridge meeting. It is our intention to add many more benefits to this list. MP can currently be redeemed for the following items at the following rates.


MP Redeem For (see the form for current values)


150 T-Shirt

300 Denim Shirt

700 Free membership to AnimeIowa, Gamicon, or Icon.


Point Responsibility


Volunteering for any Mindbridge event is considered a benefit to the entire organization. As a result, only the Mindbridge Foundation shall be liable for redeeming and recording MP. Mindbridge shall be responsible for procuring MP rewards, and for compensating conventions the cost of a member who has paid with MP. Mindbridge shall pay a sum of $25 to the convention for each convention membership purchased with MP.


Free Membership Deadline


Mindbridge considers a volunteer attitude something to be rewarded, but time must also be taken to verify that an individual has the necessary number of MP. To utilize MP for free membership, the person must route the MP Redemption Form to the MP Coordinator by the convention's latest preregistration date. The MP Coordinator will then inform the convention's registration department within 10 days of the request by any feasible method. Lateness on the part of the MP Coordinator shall not be

an excuse to refuse to accept an free admission paid for by MP, so long as the submitter has evidence of a timely submission of the request.




For the purposes of this document, the terms ConCom, Convention Committee, and Convention Executive all stand for Mindbridge-Approved Convention Executives. These are typically the people who were involved with submitting the original budget and project proposal to Mindbridge.




MP are not transferable. A person may not use their MP to buy other people convention memberships (except for immediate family: parents, spouses, siblings, children [in-laws are included]).


Electronic Copy


In the interest of keeping open, accurate records, an up to date electronic copy of MP points might be available on the Internet to any Mindbridge member. It is highly recommended that this is in the form of a Google spreadsheet, also noting where the points came from and the nature of the MP transaction.




MP have no expiration date at this time. To compensate, a point limit of 2,000 MP has been established. No Mindbridge member can have more than 2,000 MP at anytime. If a Mindbridge member submits an MP recording form that would cause their total MP to go above the limit, then all points from that form that would cause the total to go above that amount are lost forever. In order to have any more MP recorded, that member must first use some MP to lessen the total amount of MP

they have.


Maximum Per Event


To encourage members not to take up too much work for any particular event, a maximum MP per event of 500 MP has been established. No Mindbridge member can earn more than 500 MP for any particular Mindbridge event.


Double Points


Mindbridge members who hold two positions, that person shall receive separate points for each position held. This excludes ConCom members who are also staff members or department heads in their own convention. A ConCom member who is also treasurer, if this allowed by the Mindbridge Foundation, shall choose to earn the points for the treasurer position or the ConCom position, but not for both.


Annual Points


Directors, Officers, and Treasurers of the Mindbridge Foundation shall earn the specified amount of points for each fiscal year they hold the position. Treasures of projects receive the specified amount of points for each time they are treasure for a specific convention (meaning the AI treasurer gets points for each AI, not for each year).


Concurrent Point Programs


If a Mindbridge member volunteers for an event that also offers it's own volunteer program, this shall not disqualify the member from receiving MP for the same activity.


Point Recording


To be able to redeem volunteer hours, MP must be recorded and accepted by the MP Coordinator. To have your MP recorded, you must fill out a MP record form within 6 months after the events. Points not recorded within 6 months will be recorded as only half-credit. Points not recorded within 12 months of the volunteer activity shall be considered waived. Exceptions to this timeframe must be approved by the Mindbridge Foundation Board of Directors.


Volunteer Points Program Coordinator “MP Coordinator”


Mindbridge shall appoint a person to coordinate the Mindbridge Volunteer Points person. This person shall be in charge of:

• Checking the validity of all MP record forms sent to them

• Keeping track of the total number of MP each Mindbridge member has accumulated

• Verifying requests for the redemption of MP

• Ensuring fair recording of all MP points, and preventing of any sort of favoritism by those granted the authority to authorize MP.