April 2024 Minutes

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jon)
    1. Down $1,300, because bills were paid
    2. Budget Fiscal year 2024 passed with no tears.
    3. Final Budgets for Cons (Required)
      1. need to be done 60 days after event is done
        1. All bills paid
        2. All books done
        3. Books shared with Treasurer of Mindbridge and Board of Directors
  2. IT Officer (Tony)
    1. Laptops distributed at Gamicon
    2. Adobe Express (Adobe Lite)- Used if needed to print Canva type products. Cloud Based. $120/year (Tony will look into it)
    3. Laptops to delivered to Tank at AnimeIowa Meeting
  3. Storage Manager (Pat)
    1. No updates at this time.
    2. Looking at shelving and Storage place in Tifton
  4. Convention Reports-All conventions are looking for additional help.
    1. AnimeIowa (July 26th – 28th, 2024)
      1. Staff Meeting Sat April 13th at the Hyatt in Coralville 2-4pm, online and in person.
        1. Book/manga swap at the meeting
        2. Locker inventory after the Meeting
          1. If attending the ICON meeting any requests for inventory please email those to Lost
      2. Hotel all sold out
      3. Bid for 2025 needs to be submitted by May
      4. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact: execs@animeiowa.com
    2. ICON (Oct 18-20th, 2024)
      1. Staff Meeting Sat April 13th at the Hyatt in Coralville 4-5pm, online and in person.
      2. Tony is now administration for Website
      3. Pre-Reg is open now. Here
      4. Wylde Nept is back for this Convention
      5. Looking at John Scalzi for Guest of Honor for ICON50
      6. Adam B. joined ConCom
      7. Bid for 2025 needs to be submitted by August
      8. If interested in staff or have other questions contact: concom@iowa-icon.com
      9. If interested in Volunteering contact: volunteering@iowa-icon.com
    3. Gamicon (Feb 28-March 2nd, 2025)
      1. Post Mortem Staff Meeting is Saturday April 14th at Tim’s House at 271 Wiley Blvd NW Cedar Rapids, IA and online (Gamicon Discord) at 6:30pm
      2. Over $5K profit made at Gamicon
      3. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact: info@gamicon.org
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library
      1. Game Audit -Sat June 1st 10am till done at the ARC Lunch will be provided.
      2. Local Gaming Conventions:
        1. Sat April 6th EICC Eastern Iowa Convention in Davenport 10am- 4pm
        2. Sat April 6th RodCon at UNI in Cedar Falls
    2. Video Game Library
      1. Game Library Audit: Sunday April 14th at the ARC at 11am. Meet at the locker at 10:30am.
      2. Auction Starting April 6th on Mindbridge Discord: Video Game Library Channel Link Here
      3. Need assistance with running Video Game Library please contact Adam
    3. TrekFest– Steve Tait
      1. Making plan for the Fest
      2. Mama Yaya is donating her truck for the parade.
      3. June 27-29th Website Here
      4. If interested please contact Steve at stevenkeithtait@gmail.com
    4. Book Group
      1. Thursday April 25th we will be discussing Alif the Unseen By G Willow Wilson. At Panera on Edgewood Rd in Cedar Rapids at 6pm.
      2. Thursday May 23rd will be a general discussion covering the books that we have read and those we would like to read.
    5. Anybody wanting to become Mindbridge Members: n/a
    6. Old Business: If there are any problems or questions address them to Robin from now until May 1st meeting Email mindbridge-bod@googlegroups.com
    7. New Business
      1. Charity Donation match from Mindbridge per Convention (up to $100): Each Convention must request from the Mindbridge Treasurer
      2. Scottish Rite: GameDay in Cedar Rapids 9am-7pm on April 20th, 616 A Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
      3. Mindbridge Membership Meeting: Saturday May 18th at Noon at the Penticoff House in 6914 Amhurst Dr SW, Cedar Rapids.
        1. Sandwiches, Chips, Drinks, and Desserts will be provided.
        2. Games will be there (ie. Bags, large Jenga, ect.)
        3. Board Member Position (Tony’s) will be voted on
      4. Recommended Movies
        1. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
        2. Ghostbusters Frozen Empire

Next meeting will be Wed May 1st @ 7pm online and at the Penticoff house 6914 Amhurst Dr Cedar Rapids, IA