March 2024 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes March 6th, 2024

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jon): Up $4956.38.
  2. IT Officer (Tony): Laptops handed out at Gamicon
  3. Storage Manager (Pat): N/a
  4. Convention Reports – All conventions are looking for additional help.
    1. AnimeIowa (July 26th – 28th, 2024)
      1. Meeting 3/9 at the Hyatt in Coralville,IA 2-4pm online and in person
      2. April 17th or 7th Locker Inventory
      3. Workshop writing the Resume
      4. Staff Hotel block opens 3/18-3/28 Sheril has a staff list to the hotel.
        1. Contacts need to be done by email
      5. Bid for 2025 needs to be submitted by May
      6. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact:
    2. ICON (Oct 18-20th, 2024)
      1. Meeting 3/9 at the Hyatt in Coralville, IA 4-5pm online and in person
      2. Patch needs help with updating Social Media
      3. Updating Wiki with department
      4. Game Library-Suggesting moving to Waterloo Room
      5. If interested in staff or have other questions contact:
      6. If interested in Volunteering contact:
    3. Gamicon (Feb 28-March 2nd, 2025)
      1. 654 plus attendees. (a new High)
      2. Working on final budget
      3. 300 tables of games
      4. Postmortem on April 14th at Tim’s Place 271 Wiley Blvd NW Cedar Rapids, IA and online (Discord)
      5. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact:
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library – Michele
      1. 495 Checkouts at Gamicon 90 play to wins
      2. Boop with 13 checkouts
      3. Abducktion 8 checkouts
      4. Aqua was very popular
      5. Issues with OneDrive working offline then over writing it
      6. Jim Castleberry has stepped down and is moving to Charity
      7. Amanda Bowersox has stepped up as Co-Chair
      8. Game inventory in June at the ARC
      9. Digsaw Game Demo 3/9 4pm – Close at Geek City in Iowa City
    2. Video Game Library
      1. Happened at Gamicon
      2. 221 videogame check 177 hours of gaming
      3. Switch is the most common consol
      4. Some consoles will be sold during the year (Full List with be given next month)
      5. Approval given for expenditure for the Steam Deck
      6. Need assistance with running Video Game Library please contact Adam
    3. TrekFest – Steve Tait
      1. Making plan for the Fest
      2. Bonnie Gordan will be GoH (Voice Actor)
      3. Cosplay Contest on Sat
      4. June 27-29th Website Here
      5. If interested please contact Steve at
    4. Book Group: Thursday March 7th will be a general discussion covering the books that we have read and those we would like to read. At Panera on Edgewood Rd in Cedar Rapids at 6pm.
      1. Thursday April 25th we will be discussing Alif the Unseen By G. Willow Wilson
  6. Anybody wanting to become Mindbridge Members: n/a
  7. Old Business
    1. Treasurer’s Retreat March 16th 1-4pm at the Penticoff house. Please have any proposals for expend
    2. If there are any problems or questions address them to Tony from now until April 3rd meeting Email
  8. New Business: n/a

Next meeting will be Wed April 3rd@ 7pm online and at the ARC in Iowa City ARC 2401 Towncrest Dr 2401 Iowa City, IA. Across the street from the church of the Nazarene, two blocks from the old building.