December 2023 Minutes

Mindbridge Meeting Minutes Dec 6th, 2023

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jon): Down $5250 due to paying hotel bills
  2. IT Officer (Tony)
    1. Laptops done
    2. Look into Microsoft License
    3. Possible money for laptop bags
      1. Amazon $15/bag need 7
      2. Approved by board under $500
  3. Storage Manager (Pat)
    1. Revisit location of locker
      1. Location good
      2. Maybe go down to one locker
    2. Need to go through stuff in the locker
      1. Inventory
      2. Not used stuff
    3. Need to have people in charge of totes
  4. Convention Reports – All conventions are looking for additional help.
    1. Gamicon (Next Gamicon Feb 23-25, 2024)
      1. Dec 17th 6:30PM Tim’s house at 271 Wiley Blvd NW Cedar Rapids, IA and online
      2. Hotel Contracts
        1. 2025 hotel contract signed (Feb 27-March 2)
        2. 2026 hotel contract higher (March 5-8)
      3. GM party Jan 13th, 2024 last day to submit events at Geek City noon-5PM
      4. Jan 13th, 2024 last day to submit event
      5. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact:
    2. AnimeIowa (July 26th – 28th, 2024)
      1. Sat December 9th at 2PM at Hyatt in Coralville and online
      2. Getting Guests of Honors
      3. Black Friday Reg 240 people more than last year
      4. If interested in volunteering, staff or have other questions contact:
    3. ICON (TBD)
      1. Proposal and budget ICON49
      2. If interested in staff or have other questions contact:
      3. If interested in Volunteering contact:
  5. Other Projects
    1. Game Library (Michele)
      1. Games from Game Library can be checked out, contact Michele
      2. Steam Up game added to library
    2. Video Game Library: Need assistance with running Video Game Library please contact Adam
    3. Book Group: Thursday Dec 14th will be The Embroidered Book by Kate Heartfield. Author will be present at the meeting. At Panera on Edgewood Rd in Cedar Rapids at 6pm.
      1. We will be having a White Elephant Book Exchange
      2. Jan 25th will be a general discussion covering the books that we have read and those we would like to read.
  6. Anybody wanting to become Mindbridge Members: Doug Wilson- New Member
  7. Old Business
    1. If there are any problems or questions address them to Robin from now until Jan 3rd meeting Email
    2. ICON 49 Bid Review
    3. Selenium Bid 2025 was submitted and reviewed
  8. New Business: Future bids should not require signed contracts, but rather RFPs with reserved dates and costs.

Next meeting will be Wed January 3rd@ 7pm online and at the Penticoff House 6914 Amhurst Dr Sw Cedar Rapids