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Game Review: Dixit

Dixit Asmodee, 2008 Dixit is a storytelling card game and won the Spiel de Jahres in 2010. The game is made up of 84 abstract art cards. Expansions are available that also have 85 cards, so there is a lot of variety available. Each player has a hand of 6 cards. Gameplay starts with the storyteller […]

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Game Review: Mad Scientist University

Mad Scientist University Atlas Games, 2005 Mad Scientist University is a light, simple, storytelling party game. Each player is a student at Mad Scientist University. In turn, each player will get to be the TA. The TA will give each player an Unstable Element Card (Aluminum Cans, Penguin, Lawn Gnomes, etc). Then the TA will […]

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March 2016 Book Group

Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6:00pm

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March 2016 Minutes

Call to Order Minutes – posted online and on list Treasurer’s Report — we have money. Convention Reports

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