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Game Review: Cosmic Cows

Cosmic Cows Playroom, 2001 Cosmic Cows is a fun, silly, 2-player game. You and your opponent are aliens attempting to abduct cows. How much better can it get? You move the cows along the track using Yahtzee like dice rolls, attempting to pull the cows into your mothership. This results in a kind of tug Read more

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Mindbridge Super Committee Meeting at ICON39

Mindbridge table at ICON needs scheduled staffing AI gets new Quality Care 10×20 locker 1st month approved Give AI old gridwall Purchase new flats for MB possibly one of: pegboard and PVC PVC and chicken wire or large fencing cow fencing chains and PVC Thoughts – lighter, easier to setup. Identify each department’s inventory, clearly Read more

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Mindbridge General Meeting at ICON 39

Fancy (Silly) Hat Parties “Tea” Unbirthday Party – Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Date of Publication anniversary as possible date Dept. of Silly Hats Maker / Craft Party (*budget), could be at ARC of Southeast Iowa More weekend activities Wizard of OZ party at Cath & Bryon’s: 114 years old book Nov 24 Gamicon Sponsors Read more

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November 2014 Meeting

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 7pm

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