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Game Review: Timeline

Timeline Asmodee, 2008 How well do you know your history? Think you’re pretty good? Then this series of lightweight fast paced games might just be for you. Timeline is a small game with a little over 100 cards in each set, each card has two sides. One side says the event/item/idea, the other has the […]

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Book Group November 2014

Monday, November, 24, 2014 at 6pm

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Game Review: Top Promoter

Top Promoter Game Salute/Moore Games Please 2014 Top Promoter is a lightweight, quick, fun game. It is themed around boxing, but you don’t need to be a fan of boxing to enjoy this game. You are a promoter, attempting to get your fighters into arenas. Each arena has 3 bouts, with the main event paying […]

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Game Review: Snowball Fight and The Great Snowball Battle

The Great Snowball Battle Sninkthinkink/Game Salute 2014 Snowball Fight S&S Innovations 2002 Ready for winter? If the snow isn’t flying yet, and you’re itching to get out in the snow, here are a couple fun and easy games that will scratch that snowball itch, and you don’t have to get wet and cold in the […]

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