Attended by: Ryan. Tracie. Samantha. Marty. John. Jennifer. Denny. Kate. Dan. Steve. Christine. Pat. Dave.

  1. Call to order at 7:15pm.
  2. Minutes from last meeting were waived, and waived at.
  3. Treasurer’s Report was not read. We are adding money.
    1. $25,000 + $367 AnimeIowa CD due July 14th
    2. $25,000 + $367 Mindbridge CD due July 14th
    3. $23,225.93 Mindbridge Checking
    4. $64,893.07 AnimeIowa Checking
    5. $3780.10 ICON Checking
    6. $1330.48 Gamicon Checking
  4. AnimeIowa
    1. Pre-reg almost sixteen hundred.
    2. Things are progressing.
    3. Programming schedule is full already.
    4. May have found a video game head.
    5. Won’t have a volunteer recruitment meeting, need volunteers anyway.
    6. Call for volunteers for registration data entry also.
    7. Need a new logistics person.
    8. The July 19th meeting time…. is still to be announced. It’s either at 11am, or 4pm… maybe.
    9. Same situation for the August 2nd meeting.
    10. Art policy confusion.
    11. Other miscellaneous items discussed.
  5. Gamicon
    1. Gamicon is going well, except flood problem.
    2. IMU may or may not have flooding problem, though, by February.
    3. May or may not need a new location.
    4. Should talk to Iowa City Coralville convention and visitors bureau for promotion (Kim Bothel)
  6. Icon
    1. The planned staff meeting in the Marriott was canceled due to flood concerns
    2. Next meeting is July 26th
    3. Hoping to get the mailing out within a week or two (hopefully before ozfest)
    4. Getting sporadic memberships, expect more after the mailing
    5. Have lots of money, bought one air-fare, have two more to buy
    6. Icon 34 has them at the Cedar Rapids Marriott at the 22nd of October 2009.
    7. 2010 is undecided.
  7. Pre-planning Committee Report
    1. Nothing reported.
  8. Old Business
    1. Art Policy
      1. The art policy applies to artist alleys and art shows
      2. The policy from the yahoo group was reviewed and it was agreed to be the correct, existing policy.
    2. Trekfest
      1. Had table at Trekfest.
      2. Tent blew down moments after we left.
      3. Sold about $46 worth of stuff.
      4. Publicity was good. Handed out a couple dozen fliers.
      5. Some people said “There are conventions in Iowa?”
    3. Volunteer Program Updates
      1. Need better explanation of a couple items
      2. ConCon means Mindbridge Approved Convention Executives
      3. Point limit of 2,000. Must use points to get more.
      4. Change ConCash to be just for convention memberships or for Mindbridge-run Dealers Table.
      5. Maximum points earned at any given convention is 500 points.
      6. Approved Ryan’s submitted proposal unanimously to be used for AI, and will be again looked over at next meeting.
    4. Storage Locker clean out
      1. Had it.
      2. Marty will get inventory posted soon.
      3. Maybe add new business item related to tote replacement
  9. New Business
    1. Welcome to three brand new boys from the Womachka clan.
    2. Approved Samantha as a member retroactive to last month.
    3. Denny submitted Mindbridge group to the discovery listing for events.
    4. It was mentioned that Kirkwood has built a convention center
      1. Possibly usable/big enough for Gamicon
      2. Constructing a hotel next door?
      3. Gamicon must look into this or Riverside, IA
    5. Capital Requests
      1. Specific capital request for AI 2008.
        1. 9 No. 0 Yes. 2 Joshes.
        2. Can be brought up after AI 2008.
      2. Replacement totes, cash box, and metal box for consuite knives and other pointy things.
        1. $850 est with tax. 12 large lockable totes; 4 for gaming library, 8 for storage locker, 6 eighteen-gallon Roughneck storage totes, metal storage/sharps container, another larger four-wheeled cart, another 5-bill cash box
        2. Could give old totes to flood victims
        3. Marty, master of storing things, approves of these totes.
        4. Totes should be water tough
        5. Motion by Christine, second by Dave. 10 Yes. 1 Josh. 0 Nos.
      3. Mindbridge banner up to $250 for 3′ x 8′
        1. Has already been approved, it seems.
        2. Just go do it then.
    6. University of Iowa Student Outreach Program
      1. High School Student $500 Writing Scholarship Contest
        1. Possibly any high school student coming to an Iowa College
        2. Procedure for who judges
        3. Motioning to form a subcommittee to look at the question. 10 Yes. 1 Josh. 0 Nos.
    7. Someone needs to give Christine printer paper for next year’s AI
    8. Call for volunteers to man the Mindbridge tables
      1. It’s currently up to Con Executives if Mindbridge volunteers get in free just to manage the dealer’s room table
    9. Format a proposal to approve people to go to other conventions to advertise for the Mindbridge Foundation
      1. Marty suggests about $200 for these other conventions
      2. Ryan wants to spend $300-$400 only for larger convention
      3. Ryan wants to exclude conventions not within 250 miles of Iowa City
      4. Advertise Gamicon and Icon, specifically, but not AnimeIowa
      5. Should individuals desiring to go have to write document and propose to board?
      6. Somebody should write up guidelines for this.
    10. Vote to cancel the meeting July 9th. 9 Yes. 2 No. 0 Josh.
  10. Announcements?
    1. Taken care of in new business: triplets.
  11. Meeting Adjourned at 9:08.

Next meeting is August 6th, 2008 at 6pm at the Iowa City Public Library. Someone please make reservations.