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Please note: Paradise Icon 5 for this year’s Icon is FULL. We appreciate your interest in the workshop, and encourage you to apply with us next year if you are interested and qualified.

Our next Paradise Icon will be October 28-30, 2016 in Cedar Rapids. We are open for registration! Click on the registration link under the registration rate table, and use the scroll down menu to get to the Paradise Icon registration. Remember, your $100 gets you membership to the convention and our workshop.

Remember, if you have not attended a neo-pro workshop like Viable Paradise, Taos Toolbox, or Clarion, you need to contact Catherine Schaff-Stump, and she’ll tell you what to do next. Catherine can be contacted at awelkin AT gmail DOT com.

Welcome to the home page for Paradise Icon, a neo-pro writer’s workshop sponsored by Mindbridge and affiliated with Paradise Lost workshops.[ref]Paradise workshops are a non-commercially affiliate series of events sponsored by and hosted by pro and neo-pro writers.  The name is seen as a tribute to Viable Paradise writing workshops. Paradise Icon is part of the Mindbridge family of science fiction and fantasy projects.[/ref]

Alumni of neo-pro writing workshops are invited to apply for a 2-day workshop experience that combines a Milford style workshop with an opportunity to attend and participate in Icon, a general science fiction and fantasy convention. Icon author guests will hold panels with the participants and neo-pros will have the opportunity to read their work and participate on convention panels. The capstone of the experience will be a chance to meet and connect with guests, local authors and regular Icon attendees.

Icon will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa from October 28-30, 2016. Participants will be encouraged to arrive Thursday evening as the workshop will begin early Friday morning.  Workshop activities will conclude Saturday evening.

Please note that more information about Paradise Icon can be found on the drop down menu underneath the Paradise Icon label at the top of the page.

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