Game Review: Dimension

Kosmos, 2014

Dimension is a fast-paced puzzle game where each player has three balls each of five different colors. Six rule cards are dealt into the center of the table, then all players must attempt to build a stack of balls on their player board that follows all of the rules on the rule cards.

Rules may be: Certain colors of balls must or must not be touching other colors, you may need to use a specific number of balls of one color, or colors may or may not be stacked above or below others. Players have one minute to complete their stack of spheres. Once time runs out, each player receives a point for each sphere they used, and a bonus token if they met all the rules and used at least one ball of each of the five colors. You lose two points for each rule you didn’t follow correctly.  Bonus tokens are very important becuase you receive negative points at the end of the game if you have less than two bonus tokens. Players play six rounds to determine a winner.

This is a fun, fast-paced, brain burner of a puzzle game. It’s best for quick thinkers. I really like puzzle games and enjoy this, but have some difficulty with keeping similar card types straight when trying to build quickly. The rule cards are symbols and I am most often tripped up by the above/below cards.





In the example on the left, blue must not be placed below any other spheres, so all blue spheres must be placed on a top layer. In the example on the right, orange spheres must not be placed above any othere sphere, so is only placed correctly if placed on the bottom layer. The white triangle in the background makes sure that you know which way is “up” on the card. I find it takes me extra precious time remembering which rule I am looking at. Players who play this game a lot will probably overcome this. I see this problem a lot since I am usually playing with people unfamiliar with the game.

Also, it is very difficult to watch the timer and play at the same time. I wish they could have included more of an egg timer, rather than a sand timer. I tend to use my phone’s stopwatch feature instead of the included timer. So quick play makes this game exciting, but very similar looking rule cards make it somewhat thinky and frustrating. If you like puzzling fast-paced games, give Dimension. Recommendation: not for everyone.

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2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Mindbridge Annual Meeting Minutes – Sat May 13, 2017 at Coralville Public Library

  1. Call to Order
  2. Minutes – posted online and on list
  3. Treasurer’s Report – we have money.
  4. Convention Reports Read More »
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Game Review: The Game of 49

The Game of 49
Breaking Games, 2014

The Game of 49 is an auction game for one to five players. The game consists of a board with 49 squares, money, and a deck of cards numbered 1-49 plus wild cards. Each player starts with 49 dollars. The starting player will draw a card from the deck and the players will bid on that board space. The winner of the auction puts a chip of their color on that space. The object of the game is to capture four spaces in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Wild cards will either be the “49” (center) board space, or will cover a range of spaces. The 49 space is the only space on the board that can be “stolen” or “re-auctioned”. If you win an auction for a wild card with a range of space, you choose which unoccupied spot within that range to place your chip. Each wild card also has a payout action. Once the auction is complete, each player will receive $7 for each chip they have on the board, to a maximum of $49. If a number that is already taken comes up, a new card is drawn.

This is an easy to learn game. It’s fast paced and bidding becomes fierce over contested spaces. There are different strategies to win, and different bidding styles can really change the game. The number of players also can wildly affect strategies, but it plays equally well with any number. There is a slight variation in rules for two players. As you gain more spaces after 7, you start getting less payout. This keeps the duration of the game to a similar timeframe as the multi-player game.

I really enjoy this game. It is exciting and keeps moving. Everyone is involved and interacting. It is not really billed as a party game, but certainly has that feel. If you are looking for a good party game for a few friends, that plays quickly and has a lot of energy, then give The Game of 49 a try. Age says 10+ but a younger set could play with the right group.

Check your local conventions. Double Exposure Envoy hosts state and regional tournaments for the Game of 49, with winners getting cool trophies and regional winners get admission to the National tournament at GenCon.


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May 2017 Minutes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcomed two visitors from Anime Demoii from Drake University in Des Moines
  3. Minutes Approved as posted.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: We have money. Read More »
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