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So... We have a game library. You may have checked us out on Facebook, or checked out games at our conventions. Many of our games have been donated by generous game companies, our Friendly-local-game-stores, or individuals. We'd like you to know about these games. To that end, we'll post game reviews, notes & general comments here sporadically. We hope you will find these posts informative and/or entertaining. When you find a game you think sounds interesting, check it out, or go buy it at your FLGS. Thanks for reading and playing games.

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July 2014 Board Minutes

  1. Noted that June meeting minutes were not up on the website yet.
  2. AnimeIowa
    1. Discusses staff issues (normal)
    2. July 12th meeting
    3. Possible stipends for their treasurer
    4. The great fact that new people are stepping up to new staff positions.
  3. Icon: All program books are now available online. Thanks to John Johnson for that.
  4. Gamicon: Had new flyer to show to membership and their website will be updated by AI.
  5. New business: Discussed possibility of new storage and trailer for art show flats.
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July 2014 Minutes

  1. AnimeIowa
    1. Just 3 weeks away...
    2. July 12, 2pm Coralville Marriott next meeting.
  2. ICON
    1. Next meeting July 19th 1:30 pm John Johnson's residence.
    2. T-shirts will be available for online purchase "real soon".
  3. Gamicon Read More »
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May 2014 Board Minutes

  1. Attendance: Jon Maakstead, Denny Lynch, John Johnson, Michelle Weinard-McKibben
  2. Sam has resigned from AnimeIowa Com Con and Treasurer.
    1. Jon and Michele Maakstead will help with the treasury at this time.
  3. Adam Brower and Joan Gorden have been offered Board dual position in place of Sam.
  4. Discussion of AnimeIowa getting a professional accountant as Treasurer for next year. Read More »
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